ACA uses technology as a tool to enhance learning across the curriculum.

Our school seeks to be an innovative leader, empowering students and teachers through progressive access to technology. Our aim is to develop responsible global citizens equipped with the critical thinking skills and technological literacy necessary to participate in the worldwide community of learners.

All divisions enjoy wireless Internet access across the campus, protected by a robust filtering system. Student assignments, school calendars, and community news can be accessed through our student information system, PlusPortals. Students, along with all faculty and staff, utilize Microsoft Office365 for assignments, communication and collaboration.

The 21st century citizen must be alert, adaptable, and independent in an ever expanding community of learners. Information technology expands the potential for constructivist learning by connecting students to a constantly changing body of knowledge. By manipulating different media, students can learn from, and contribute to, every form of knowledge.

The ability to gather, analyze, synthesize and interpret information is a cornerstone of this philosophy. Digital learning experiences harness the innovation of technology, encapsulating authentic opportunities for independent thinking and creativity. ACA provides students with collaborative learning opportunities that allow for inquiry and investigation within the application of interdisciplinary themes. Thus students have opportunities to responsibly contribute to the learning of others within the global community.

In order to support our youngest learners in their classrooms and meet diverse learning and language needs, the school started moving to a mobile model of technology integration in 2012. Currently, we are equipped with more than 500 iPads, which our students are utilizing for learning a multitude of content and skills that will prepare them for success.